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Steam Car Wash Machines,
Power Steamers for Cars

A steam car wash consists of using a steam cleaner to wash a car’s interior and exterior..

Advanced Technology

Years of experience and close cooperation with the best suppliers in the industry have given us the advantage over our competitors to be the best overall on the market. We are the ones who set the new standards, and we do not shy away from showing it in our products.

Fortador’s brilliant design concepts as well as good solid manufacturing means virtually fool-proof, intuitive best overall steam cleaners which can serve as a sturdy fundament to your own auto detailing or cleaning business.

Create Your Steam Detailing Service Menu

The beauty with operating a detailing business with a Fortador car steam cleaner is that you only need one machine to perform a wide range of services.

Services Menu

Exterior Steam Car Washing

The most popular service is car washing.With a heavy duty car washing steamer like the Fortador PRO Plus.

Waxing & Paint Sealant

We recommend getting waxes or sealants that can be applied via an orbital buffer to speed up the application process which in turn increases your margin.

Interior Steam Cleaning

While most vehicle owners will use the automatic car wash to wash their cars, they will still need someone to come and detail their interior.

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